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Command an Armada of Aeroships: Master the art of piloting Aeroships, magnificent vessels capable of flight using the enigmatic power of the Gemin stone. These floating marvels are more than mere vehicles; they are your lifeline during your epic adventure. Customize, upgrade, and grow your fleet as you adapt to the challenges that lie ahead.

Unveil the World of Una: Embark on a journey like no other as you explore Una's expanse of skylands. It's 2700 islands hold unique treasures, challenges, and stories waiting to be uncovered. Whether you're soaring through the clouds or docking at any of the 260 port cities, the open world of Una beckons you to forge your own path and leave your mark.

Unearth Ancient Mysteries: Delve into a rich narrative that weaves together the history of Una, the enigma of the Gemin, and the destinies of those who dare to explore its endless sky. Encounter a diverse cast of characters and faction, each with their own motivations and stories to tell. Your choices will shape the course of your journey and influence the world around you.

Roleplaying Elements, Endless Possibilities: Prepare for the unexpected as Una's dynamic world challenges you with ever-evolving scenarios. Roleplaying elements ensure that each playthrough is a fresh adventure, offering new surprises and opportunities. Adapt, strategize, and embrace the thrill of uncertainty as you navigate this ever-changing sky.

Create Your Saga: Forge your own legend. With a combination of management, exploration, and strategic combat, your choices will echo throughout Una. Whether you seek to unite the scattered factions and end the Unawide War, uncover hidden mysteries, or establish your dominion over Infinite Archipelago; your path is yours to take.

Embark on a Windbound Odyssey in a World of Infinite Wonder

Enter the enchanting world of Una, the Infinite Archipelago; a boundless expanse of skylands, where magic, mystery, and adventure await. In "Keygemin: Windborne Kin," you'll take on the role of a seasoned aeroship captain, navigating your armada of majestic vessels through a vast ocean of sky. Set sail for 20 territories, unravel ancient secrets, and harness the power of Gemin to shape your destiny.

Harness the Power of Gemin: Gemin, the magical gemstones that power Una and its creatures, are your greatest allies. Assemble a triad of Gemin-infused beings known as Keygemin to aid you on your quest. Each Keygemin is a complex golem, shaped by the very essence of the gemstone it stems from. Unlock their unique abilities and utilize them strategically to overcome formidable foes and unlock untold secrets.

Key Features:

Prepare to embark on a breathtaking adventure and learn what lies beyond the skies in the realm controlled by the "Windborne Kin".  Whether you're a seasoned military captain, pirate outlaw, collegiate researcher, or a novice explorer, Una's endless horizon awaits your discovery. Dare to dream, dreamer. Your odyssey begins here.



This book covers a large range of topics, including but not limited to: depth vs breadth worldbuilding style, the design of natural laws for universes, geographical features, flora and fauna, materials, settings and genres, in-universe art and architecture, relationships between characters and civilizations, cultural traditions, governmental systems, currency and trade, guides on naming various features of a world, constructed languages, and how to receive and handle feedback as a creator. The book contains judicious examples from all types of media, and a chapter showing the results of my worldbuilding in relation to the book's content.

For authorship, explanations are given in the context of a creator looking to build a world of fiction for any medium. It explores how the environments they create can improve their ability to drive a narrative, write compelling plots, and characters that interact with that world. The book is written with an educational slant, and gives a lot of technical information about why things in our world are the way they are, and how best to apply the research you do to inspire new creations.


Cosmic Connect
After being pressured by his high school crush Autumn, Xavier joins the newly released MMORPG Cosmic Connect. A world populated by cute, but vicious, creatures.

Tabletop Games

Simple SpaceShip

Simple Space Ship System is a sci-fi space-opera-themed tabletop wargame with simple rules of play. This book encourages players to create their own units, military compositions, and miniatures to play out a simple space battles. Play concludes with the advancement of the armada which expands relative to a player's performance in combat.


A powerful megacorporation is doing medical research that results in a serum that "unlocks latent hidden abilities". This megacorporation "Omega Systems" is headed by Pierce Lane, a powerful technopath with a frail body. After a series of terror attacks from an unknown source, the nations of the world undergo heavy surveillance. Pierce uses his technopathic ability to exploit the new police state resources to find the perpetrators of the attacks, and becomes trusted worldwide. Through manipulation of world governments, their leaders, and corporate lobbyists, one of Pierce's subordinates to becomes President of the United Nations General Assembly. He convinces the intelligence agencies of the world to network with Omega Systems, giving control of all of the world's surveillance to Pierce. Pierce uses this access along with his selected power wielders to rule the world under a robot police assisted dystopia.

Now with unstoppable control, and adamant on performing power enhanced eugenics, Pierce rules the world under a new name. Power users now resort to traveling through both time and space to stop the Porcelain Man. Create and follow superheroes across multiple universes and timelines as they attempt to survive the conquest of Sol 1.



The world of Una is one of an infinite sky. Countless skylands float above a sea of endless clouds, wind, and rain. The islands grow in place around gemstones containing a powerful energy. These gemstones descended from the deep sky above where billions of tiny lights glimmer in a spectrum of full color. These glimmering stones in the distance, take an unfathomable amount time to descend. They end their decent to remain level resting just above the clouds.

After a near eternity of existence these gems beget crystals, dirt, and stones seemingly from thin air. Then plants find their way to seed, water pours, and life matures. And when their energy is consumed, the gems lose the last of their dimming light. There they fall into what is believed to be a bottomless chasm of clouds, storms, tempest, and mayhem.


Gara, though now a paradise of flourishing civilization, sprawling forests, and all but divine architecture; was once a desolate wasteland. Long ago, the Human race arrived in search of a new home after their homeworld’s near destruction by Meta invaders. Gara has become what it is today through terraformation, the process of transferring the materials required to sustain life from other sources. After four-hundred years, the planet became suitable for colonization, and the land was more fertile than anyone had ever thought possible. However, this new home is under the constant threat of attack by the Meta.

Many species have fought them, the Meta, countless times to no avail. The Meta are a race of highly evolved beings. Firing man’s most powerful weapons at them proves mostly useless, as beams of light just refract within their crystalline bodies. To make this attribute worse, they are harder than diamond, and their artificial limbs are made of nothing but arks of electrical energy.



GEMIN Flare is a cryptocurrency token on the Flare Network blockchain, part of an analog, alternate reality metaverse roleplaying game. Similar to that of a tabletop roleplaying game, GEMIN is used to simulate a realistic economy based in the World of Una the Infinite Archipelago. Any person can take part in this roleplay universe, and a large amount of GEMIN was distributed to a random selection of people to ensure that a majority of the currency was not held in a single place. If you do not wish to take part in this experimental cryptocurrency, simply ignore the tokens you have received, burn, or return them.

GEMIN Currency Details

Network Name - Flare Network

Currency Symbol - GEMIN

Contract Address - 0xb56718d45cffc7ca9d6b8b9e631f0657b971043f

Total Supply - 893,353,197,568 GEMIN

Token Distribution - 90% Airdrop, 10% Held By Team

Liquidity Rules - Any liquidity pool set by team will be burned, or distributed.

Liquidity Tokens
0x149a431feaf58b736253d0a771cc2f069122abe4 (Blaze)
0xDADc1582C740E9659779c50633A1C8a9392Bd150 (Pangolin)



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